Project Structure


GoodDay supports unlimited levels of nesting to organize your projects and workfolders. This gives you full freedom in the way you structure your organization's work.

Setting up the project/folder structure is an important step as this will impact everyone within the organization, so make sure that your project hierarchy is:

  • Well organized - it should be easy to find things and the structure should feel "native" to your real-life work process flows. By default, we recommend taking the "functional" approach to naming workfolders.
  • Easy to scale - when you add new projects/teams/etc. in the future, your structure should not require significant changes.

Here are a few standard approaches to how you can organize your work within GoodDay.

To organize your project structure, we recommend using "All Projects" view which you can access from Organizations → Organization name → Projects or by scrolling to the bottom of your project list in the left menu and clicking "All projects".

Settings & Access Inheritance

When you create a folder inside of another folder or a project this, newly created folder, inherits users access, settings and presets from the parent folder. This is very useful behaviour. For example let's say you created a folder and customized its views and added a number of custom fields for this folder. Now if you create a subfolder, you do not need to edit its views, add custom fields or add users again. You can customize the settings of the subfolder overriding the inherited settings at any time.

Please refer to Users & Permissions article to lean more about the users' access inheritance.

Multi-Department Organization

Make the departments define your top level workfolders to organize internal projects for each department and reserve cross-departmental folders for organizing projects at the organizational level.

Multiple Products

If you work on multiple products, it's common to group your work by product.



If the bulk of your work is project-based, think of grouping your projects by client, project owner/manager, or by project type.