Plan the exact amount of work, create a group of tasks that must be completed by the team within a period of time, and make it ready for review at the end of the sprint.

If you are a part of the software development team, you are very familiar with sprints and probably have a makeshift way of managing them. Try this template and automate the bulk of your sprint management to spend time on actual coding or business process improvement. The template already has everything you need to kick off your sprint, just update task titles!

Team beyond software engineering are also adopting the agile approach and start to organize work into sprints. If you are in Marketing and like to see tangible results every two weeks, use this template to plan and track your 2-week sprints. As always, you can tweak the template further by adding custom fields, statuses, task types, views, and more and then save it as your very own Sprint template!

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