Use this template to easily create the list of tasks to be completed in the future and to schedule them for execution with the estimated effort in mind.

Every team has limited resources and time to work on all the projects they’d like to. While the Backlog concept is top of mind for engineers and developers, other teams face backlogs as well even if they don’t use the term. While working on active projects, losing sight of your backlog is easy unless you have a system in place to keep track, review, and reevaluate this backlog on a regular basis.

GoodDay Backlog template creates a dedicated space to manage your backlog and will help you ensure you do this effectively while avoiding double work. Once an item is if your backlog, you can move it to any of your upcoming sprints if resources are available for that sprint. If you’ve created a project with a Sprint template and a backlog tracker with a Backlog template – moving items will be a breeze, with all fields already in place

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