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Use this template for effortless lead tracking, assignment, and management that will satisfy the needs of the sales team and the business leadership focused on sales effectiveness.

This template gets your sales leads funnel organized with a few clicks. With the List of all leads, that get automatically categorized by status (such as New, In Progress, On Hold etc.), the sales team will have a quick understanding of what leads to focus on. Custom fields allow recording contact details (email, phone number), as well as the lead rating that will also help with prioritization. The Board view will be your best lead funnel visualization, clearly showing the number of leads in each stage of engagement with sales.

While keeping it simple may be key for your sales team in the beginning, you can always expand the number of custom fields and save your own Lead Management template. You can add more custom statuses as well, to bucket leads into more categories. The sky is the limit! Also, you can import your existing leads from a CSV file when you are getting started, and continue working them in GoodDay

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