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Sales assets play an essential role in a sales process as they help generate leads and convert them to customers. Therefore, salespeople must have easy access to all these assets whenever they need to address the client’s questions or share them with potential customers in meetings. GoodDay sales asset manager template provides you a dedicated, organized space for all your sales content assets and helps improve your sales process.

Sales Assets Template

Who can use the GoodDay Sales Asset Manager Template

Any organization that is looking to make its sales process more efficient can utilize this template. Sales teams, no matter small or big, can use this template to store their sales assets, such as pitch presentations, audit reports, etc., in one place. The template is especially beneficial to those sales teams which have a complex sales process that includes a lot of sales content pieces.

Why use the GoodDay Sales Asset Manager Template

Sales content assets include a lot of resources, such as case studies, white papers, blog posts, presentations, and more. All of these assets are important for converting clients into paying customers, which means salespeople may need them anytime to share with the clients. But finding the right document can take a lot of time. This is where the GoodDay sales asset management software comes in.

With this template, you can store all your sales content assets in one place and organize them more efficiently using features like asset grouping. This way, any team member can quickly access any important document and use them to convince the clients to become paying customers. In addition, the simple layout of the template makes it even easier to find your desired resources.

This efficient sales asset management system offers a common collaborating workplace to sales teams where they can manage workflow for new content creation.

GoodDay Sales Asset Manager Template - Key Features

This template is equipped with all the key features a sales team need to manage its sales content assets:

Flexible structure

Organizing your sales content pieces was never as easy as it is with the GoodDay sales asset management software. The template offers you a flexible structure where you can organize your content pieces with folders or group them by category to save time. For example, you can create separate folders for case studies, ebooks, presentations, etc.

Files storage repository

Sales assets consist of many content pieces that are not necessarily published on your website but are still an important part of your sales process. Therefore, you need to have a storage repository for all your sales assets. GoodDay sales asset manager template is exactly that. It provides you a common place to store any document or file related to your sales process so that any team member can find them easily.

Easy access management

With this template, any member of the sales team can quickly find and access any document, thanks to its simple and easy-to-use Files view. When you’re using this template, your salespeople can be sure they can find the right file anytime from anywhere.

Integrated workflow for new content production

Sales teams are always working on new content to attract more customers. However, this process involves a lot of stages, such as requests for content, approval, and publishing, etc. GoodDay sales asset management system offers you an integrated workflow for the production of new content or files so that you can manage the process more efficiently.

3rd party file storage integration

The template supports 3rd party file storage integration such as Google Drive, which further makes it easy to store any content file in the template.

Want to use these features to organize and store all your sales assets?

Get your GoodDay sales asset manager template today and make it easy for your sales team to access any sales content asset from anywhere.

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