Competitor Analysis

Doing business is all about knowing the market and understanding your competition. Gathering the current trends, the gaps in the market, and the strengths and the drawbacks of the other products and services is a key ingredient in creating your winning product. And this is where a good market research and competitor analysis template goes a long way in making it easier for your company. GoodDay Competitive Analysis Template is your perfect company competitive analysis template through which you can collect and track the market information.

Digital competitor analysis template

Why use GoodDay Competitive Analysis Template

Competitive Analysis is an effective method of identifying your company’s competitors. It is about understanding their strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities or threats that those create for your product or service. A competitor research template is vital for managing all the information related to your competitors to stay ahead of them!

Centrally collated information

As your business may have multiple competitors, it is crucial to collate all the information in one central place. With the GoodDay Competitive Analysis template, you can list each competitor – either a product, company, or any other influencing factor that you consider a competitor and track all the related information in this competitor research template.

Understanding market landscape

With the GoodDay Competitive Analysis template, you can track the understanding of the market landscape, which is essential to determine your company’s marketing and product strategy. Knowing the competitors helps in figuring out the current trends in the markets and the gaps in the market. Another important factor in tracking is the price point offered by the various competitors, and a competitive pricing analysis template is a key to track this information.

Creating brand differentiation

Once the market intelligence is gathered through a competitive advantage analysis template, you can effectively use this information to determine the key differentiation that your product offers. Use the GoodDay Competitive Analysis template to track all the information about the competitors and use this information to draw insights into the market. You can then use that to create your product key features and your marketing strategy.

Who can use GoodDay Competitive Analysis Template

The GoodDay Competitive Analysis Template may primarily be used by the sales and marketing teams to understand the competitors and to chart out a marketing campaign. However, it can also be used by product and other project teams that want to track the various direct and indirect competitors.

Key Features of GoodDay Competitive Analysis Template

To gain a competitive advantage in the market, your business needs to be aware of the competitor’s details. With the various features that GoodDay Competitive Analysis Template offers, you can maintain the competitors’ strength assessment, pricing levels, and other details in the template to effectively plan out the next steps.

Multiple Views

GoodDay Competitive Analysis Template offers various visual views of the competitor data. With the easy to understand and track company competitive analysis template, you can view the data in a table, list, or board views. A good representation of the competitor analysis template is helpful in ensuring that all the users are on the same page of understanding.

Consolidated and Flexible

Competitive Analysis is a very important function in any organization. But if the market data is not readily available in one place to all the interested parties, the value of such market research and competitor analysis template is lost. By using the GoodDay Competitive Analysis Template, all the competitor data is stored in a consolidated yet flexible manner so that all the necessary teams have access to it.


The GoodDay Competitive Analysis Template has many inbuilt as well as customizable fields to track the details of the competitors. You can track the company/product name, the ratings, website link, pricing details (monthly, annual), and status. Status can be further customized to include New, Closed, and Active. You can also save any additional notes that you may want to track against each competitor.

Want to gain a competitive advantage in the market?

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