Task Fields

GoodDay tasks are very easy to create and work with, and default fields listed below allow to define all key properties of the task and will include all necessary task information.

System Fields

Field Description Is required
Title Task name/title Yes
Task type Type of the task Yes
Project A project/folder the task belongs to Yes
Status Current status of the task Yes
Priority Task's priority Yes
Action required A user who has to take action in order to move work on the task forward No
Assigned to user A user who is ultimately responsible for completion of the task No
Schedule date The date to which the Action Required user scheduled this task No
Start date Planned start date No
End date Planned finish date No
Estimate Estimation of time required to complete the task No
Deadline Task's due date No
Progress Task's progress 0-100% No

Custom Fields

If you need to extend the list of task's properties, you can always create your own, custom task fields and attach them to a task via task type or on the project level. You can learn more about custom fields and how to add them to a task here.