Roles & Access


In GoodDay, there are 2 types of user permissions: organization role and project access.

Organization Role specifies permissions and access on the organizational level, i.e. it defines whether a user can create a folder/project in the root, edit the organization's settings, invite/manage users, access the management views and more.

Project Access determines user permissions and access within a particular folder/project, e.g. access to all tasks, permissions to add new project users, create subprojects, edit project settings, etc.

It is important to understand that the role within the organization does not impact project access. For example, a user with the organization role Manager can have limited access to a specific folder/project, or an administrator may have no access to some of the projects. This architecture allows to avoid potential access issues. For example, you may want to grant a user access to GoodDay settings and allow him to invite new users, while making him unable to access 'HR' or 'Sales' department data.

Organization Roles

On the organizational level, GoodDay has 3 user roles: Manager, User, and Guest.

  • Manager has full access to all management options and settings for your organization, except for account administration.
  • User is the default role in the organization. Users have no access to organization's settings, user management, cannot create folders/projects in the project root (but can create subfolders/subprojects within projects they've been added to).
  • Guest role is typically granted to users outside of your organization, i.e. contractors or customers. Guest users do not have access to the organization's resources (users/analytics/etc.) and can access only projects they have been added to.

Project Access

There are 3 levels of access for folders/projects:

  • Full - access to all data and management options, usually appropriate for the organization's manager or project managers.
  • Standard - user with this level can see all work items (subfolders, tasks, events, etc.) but has no access to project settings and user management.
  • Limited - user with this level can only see specific folders and tasks they have been added to. Usually you would grant this level of access to people outside of your organization, e.g. clients, contractors, etc.

To learn more about project access levels, please check Project access article.

Organization Administrator

Administrator role is assigned to the user who is in charge of the organization's account with GoodDay. Admin user has the same access as the organization Manager user, but also has access to advanced settings and manages GoodDay account and subscription licenses. By default, it is a user who created the organization's account.

To change Administrator user, the current Administrator should go to Organization settings → Administration and select one of company Managers. Learn more