Create meeting agendas, fully run the meeting, store notes, and turn action items into tasks, all with one integrated module.


Use GoodDay Meetings module to create and manage meeting agendas, run your meetings, save notes, and convert action items into tasks.

Key Features

My meetings

See all your meetings in one convenient meetings timeline view

Project meetings

View all meetings related to a particular project on one page

Meeting view

See all meeting details, run the meeting, add notes, to-do lists and more

More Features

Create meeting agenda

Define the agenda for your meeting, list key topics and discussion points

Set date and time

Specify date and time to start your meeting on time, every time

Participants & organizer roles

Invite all stakeholders and appoint the meeting organizer to lead the meeting

Add description

Create meeting descriptions to define the context for participants

Action items

Create to-do lists and connect them to tasks

Take notes

Let participants make notes right in the meeting

Add call-in details & location

Include location or virtual call-in details