What's Done

What's Done view provides an easy way to track progress of projects and tasks and to get a clear picture of your team's accomplishments

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Key Features

Accomplished Projects

What's Done view displays all projects and sprints that were accomplished within a selected date range

Completed Tasks

List of all tasks that have been completed (closed) within the selected date range

Events & Milestones

What's Done view can also display the accomplished project deadlines and milestones

Data Export

Support for the report's data export into CSV and PDF formats

Customizable Settings

You can customize the view by selecting a list of projects, users, default date range, and type of work items

Full Screen mode

If you need more space for your data or are running GoodDay on a smaller display, use the Full Screen Mode to hide navigation and focus on the report

Project Filter

Instantly filter the report data by a specific project or folder

User Filter

Filter report by any user to see personal accomplishments with a single click