Add, store, search, structure, and share work-related files with your team, all in one place, integrated with your projects and tasks.


GoodDay makes it easy to add and use files, an essential part of your work process. Files become an integral part of projects and tasks and multiple management features make working with files in GoodDay a breeze.

More Features

Tile & List views

Choose the project files library view format you prefer - tiles or list - and focus on just the right level of detail about each file.


For projects with many files, you can easily find the ones you are looking for by filtering by file type, user, date, size, or its starred status.

Stared files

You can ‘star’ a file to mark it as important or favorite, which will help you find it even faster in the future.


Files Search option enables quick search for all project files.

Structure/recent views

Choose the way you want to view your project files. Yo ucan group files by logical structure type - project files and task attachments, or by their recency, where files are automatically grouped by the date they were created.