GoodDay provides an out-of-the-box module to help you track any business expenses, connect expenses to projects, and create visibility around the day-to-day spend.


With GoodDay expenses module, you can track expenses and easily record all key data points about each line item, including date, category, amounts, adding attachments and more.

Key Features

Grouping by Users/Expense type

When tracking and reviewing your organization’s expenses, you can group them by user reporting the expense or by expense type with the help of customizable categories.

Detailed data on all expenses

To keep record of all important expense details, simply pick the date of the expense, add the receipt file attachment, and add any comments necessary.

Integration with finance & billing GD modules

Expenses are fully integrated with the finance & billing modules in GoodDay modules, so that you could view and analyze the full picture of key financials related to your projects.

Custom expenses categories

While some expense categories such as travel, office supplies, or meals and entertainment are quite common, your business may have very unique needs. This is why we made expense categories completely customizable for you to track your expenses your way.