Create and share rich text documents, organize a knowledge base, store technical documentation, and much more.


Documents in GoodDay are very versatile and allow to create, store, and manage rich text documents, fully integrated with other work items. Create simple notes, how-to’s, add meeting notes on the fly or create your own knowledge base - you can tackle any information sharing challenge with GoodDay documents.

Key Features

All documents together in one place

Documents are integrated with tasks and projects, which means you can easily access all project-related documents in one view and sort through them with handy features including grouping by creator or document type, sorting the list, search, viewing subfolder documents, and more.

Rich formatting

The rich text editor provides all necessary text formatting options, making it easy to create visually-appealing and well-structured documents. GoodDay also supports text editing keyboard shortcuts, version control, custom access rights, and many more advanced features.

Document Pages

Creating and managing long detailed documents? GoodDay document editor allows to break your content into pages and create well-structured documents which will eliminate the need to manage many of your project-related documents outside of your work management platform.


With GoodDay rich text editor’s built-in version control, you can always return to the desired version of the document, which means you won’t lose information and can collaborate on documents in real-time more effectively.

More Features

Access control

For complete flexibility around document security and privacy settings, you can manage user access rights on a per-document basis, independent of the project’s user access rights.

Documents types

Create custom document types to build your own environment that will reflect your real-life processes, document types, and document management needs.

Insert mentions, links tasks, notes & more

Documents are integrated with your entire GoodDay ecosystem, which means you can easily add links to other documents, to tasks, mention users, or add stored images, all within the document.

Subfolders documents supporting

Documents module is flexible and will support your simple and your complex projects and initiatives. To focus on the right document list, you can either turn the display subfolder/subproject documents feature on or off.