The built-in Timer allows you to literally time yourself, tracking time you are spending on your tasks, and report this time if you need to.

Starting a Timer

Open a task and click the clock icon in the header. Then select Start timer

Note: The time is rounded up to the nearest minute. I.e., if you spent 40 minutes : 10 seconds on the task, the system will record that you've spent 41 minutes on this task.

When you start the Timer, it will continue running until it is paused or until you begin tracking time for another task.

Multiple Timers Support

You can start multiple Timers but only one of them will be active - the last one you've started. All other Timers will be paused.

All timers will be displayed in the main navigation menu.

Pause, Log, and Cancel

Press Pause button to pause the Timer.

Press Stop/Log button to submit your time report. The Timer will be paused.

Press x mark to cancel the Timer. Time report won't be logged in this case and the Timer will be closed for this task.