Task Time Reports

There are several ways users can report time they spent on a task:

Adding a Time Report from the Task View

To add a new time report to a particular task, open the task and click "Time" → "Report time".

In the popup window, select the date you want to report your work for, indicate the time spent and, optionally, enter comments .

Reporting Time via Task Reply Form

You can also report time spent when replying to a task which is handy when you work with a high number of tasks every day. To do so, enter time in the task reply form:

If you report time more than once for the same task on the same day, the system will create separate time reports and the total time spent will be a summary of these reports.

Modifying time report

To edit or remove the existing time report, mouse-over the task message and click 'Edit' from the more menu:

Then, you can edit or remove the time report from the edit task message screen:

Task time reports summary

When you have one or more time reports, you can see the time reports summary in the right panel of the task view: