Time Tracking

Knowing where efforts go is crucial for planning, performance evaluation, and for improving time management skills. Understanding how your team spends their time allows to fine-tune short-term priorities and helps develop an effective long-term work plan.
My time
GoodDay allows you to track time you've spent on your projects and tasks in a variety of ways. One of the most convenient ways is to use the My Time module, which you find in the home section of the main navigation. The My Time module allows you to review and log time for a particular day, a whole week and run a report on the logged time for a specified period.
Task time reports
There are several ways users can report time they spent on a task. Adding a time report from the Task View. Entering time spent while replying a task. Modifying time report. Task time reports summary
Task timer
The built-in Timer allows you to literally time yourself, tracking time you are spending on your tasks, and report this time if you need to. Open a task and click a clock icon in the header. Then select Start timer
The GoodDay Business Intelligence module automatically tracks and analyzes all activity of every user and can automatically estimate the effort spent on each task. In GoodDay, these "estimated time spent" values are called Guesstimates. This is a unique and innovative feature of GoodDay, which is based on the fact that the system knows the duration of every user's workday and has all data about all the their daily activities and communication.
Analytics and reports
GoodDay comes with a number of advanced reports and visual analytics to give you the full insight on time spending and organization efforts distribution.
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