The GoodDay Business Intelligence module automatically tracks and analyzes all activity of every user and can automatically estimate the effort spent on each task. In GoodDay, these "estimated time spent" values are called Guesstimates.

This is a unique and innovative feature of GoodDay, which is based on the fact that the system knows the duration of every user's workday and has all data about all the their daily activities, collaboration and communication. For example, consider a user who worked on 3 tasks and created one new task during his work day. Powered by self-learning algorithms, the system analyzes all past activities and estimates what it could take for this user to accomplish these particular tasks.

While in the very beginning the automatic estimates based on one day's worth of activity might be not all that accurate, over time and for longer date ranges, the Guesstimates get more and more accurate and will provide you with reliable insight on effort distribution without the need for users to actually report anything.

Enabling Guesstimates

By default, Guesstimates are switched off. You can enable them by user individually. To do so, go to the Menu , Select User , Manage , switch to "Time tracking" section, and enable Guesstimates .

Analyzing Data

Guesstimates can be included (or excluded) from all time-related analytics modules. You can learn more about time tracking reports and analytics here