Working with tasks is at the core of any work management system, and we have paid special attention to task management features, performance, and user experience.
Creating a task
There are many ways to create a new task in GoodDay. Most of the task management views including Tasks Table, Tasks Board, Timeline, My Work and other have a quick (inline) task creation option.
Working with a task
To update task status, click the current status field and select a new one. When you select a status with system status "Closed".
Task actions
All key task actions are available in the "More" menu, located in the top panel of the task view screen.
Task fields
GoodDay tasks are very easy to create and work with, and default fields listed below allow to define all key properties of the task and include all necessary task information
Task types
GoodDay comes with a number of predefined task types, e.g. Task, Issue, Idea, etc. Every task type has its own workflow, task icon, might come with specific
Sometimes you may have a need to split a complex task into smaller work items or to assign different items that require action by separate team members accordingly
ToDo list
Task ToDo List is a great way to keep track of smaller work items that you do not need to create as separate and detailed tasks or subtasks
Recurring tasks
To easily create tasks that repeat at regular time intervals, open a task you want to make recurring, click more and select "Make recurring" option from the menu.
Task view settings
GoodDay comes with three options for task view layout - Modal, Full, and Split. You can access these options in the Task View Settings Menu.
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