My Time


GoodDay allows you to track time you've spent on your projects and tasks in a variety of ways. One of the most convenient ways is to use 'My Time' in the main navigation menu. It allows you to create task time reports and set time reports for your current tasks and already completed tasks.

Navigation and Layout

After you've clicked on 'My Time' icon, you are taken to another screen where you will see the following control options and menus:

  • Today displays the current date, and by pressing on the calendar icon you will be able to navigate to any other date in the past, browse tasks completed on those dates, and add time spent to them. You can also navigate to one of the dates in the past by pressing on the arrow located on the left from 'Today'.
  • Workday and Time reported will show you the amount of time you've spent and reported on tasks you worked on that day.
  • Active shows you all current tasks. On the right from each task, you will see numbers in the following format ~01h.: 00m., and by pressing on them, you will be able to set time both in minutes and/or in hours for this task.
  • Viewed shows all tasks you've viewed today. If you move your mouse to the right corner of this section, you will see time in the format 0h.:0m. Now, if you press on this time, you will be able to set the time for this task in the popup and this task will be placed into 'Active' category.

Add Time Report

If you move your mouse to the right side of the task, you will see clickable text 'Add Report', and if you click it, a popup window will appear. Please note that this text will not appear for the 'Viewed' tasks, it will be displayed only for 'Active' tasks. In order to set time for 'Viewed' tasks, you need to press on the time on the right hand side of the 'Viewed' section.

After you've done so, this task category will be changed from 'Viewed' to 'Active'.

You will be able to set up Date, Time - in minutes : hours - format and add a short comment related to this reported time. Press 'Submit' button and your time report will be added to this task.

Remember that you can add another time report on this task later at any moment. Just press on 'Add Report' text in Active tasks. Or, add time in 'Viewed' tasks by pressing time - 0h.:0m. - on the right hand side of the 'Viewed' section. This task will be put into 'Active' category and you will be able to add several time reports later to it as well.

Change Time Report

If required, you can change and update already added time reports. Move your mouse to the already created time report on the right hand side of the 'Active' section. Press on the time report you've already set for this task. Change the current time value to any other value you need to report for this task. Remember that you cannot set the time value which exceeds the number of your workday hours here. For example, you will not be able to set the time report to 16 hours at once for a task if you workday is only 8 hours. The maximum accepted value will be 8 hours. Press 'Submit' and a new time report will be added to this task to replace the old one.


You will see that the diagram on the left from the 'Workday' dropdown is filling up with details as you are adding time reports to your 'Active' tasks. The more time you add, the larger the diagram becomes, and the more hours you have showing up in your Workday. For example, if you workday is set to 8 hours and you've added 10 hours in total as time reports on tasks, you will see that you workday is now 10 hours instead of 8.

Remove Time Report

If you need to remove any of the reports, move your mouse to the furthermost right point of the time report you need to delete. You will see an "X" sign in a red circle. Press on it and this time report will be deleted.

New Task Report/Create New Task

You can create a new task and a time report for it directly in 'My Time'. Just move your cursor to the end of the task reports list. Click '+ New Task Report' and you will see an additional list of task-related fields which should be filled in:

  • Project Name - select a project that this new task and time report belong to
  • Type - task type
  • Status - current status of your task
  • Title - task title
  • Reported time - time in hh : mm format

After you've filled in all the fields above, press 'Create task' and your task and time report will be created.