Employee Onboarding

If you want to retain the top talent, well-managed employee onboarding is essential. This Employee Onboarding checklist template will make sure your employees can get productive quickly and stay happy they have joined your team.

To keep things to the point, the template includes a preconfigured list of actions and tasks the employee need to perform during their onboarding period. You can break the structure up into 30-60-90 or any other way you prefer to manage onboarding and training. Each task can be assigned and worked on by any user in GoodDay, which means you can create personalized onboarding plans for each team member by easily copying the templates and assigning tasks as they become relevant. This also means you can have record of every employee’s onboarding process, with all challenges and resolutions documented right here in your GoodDay. The template also includes a section to store useful files

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