Folders and Projects help organize, access, and manage all of your organization's work, no matter how simple or complex. GoodDay supports unlimited folder/project nesting level
Project structure
GoodDay supports unlimited levels of tree-like nesting to organize your projects and workfolders. This gives you full freedom in the way you structure your organization's work
Creating a project
Select the new project's parent location, enter project name, select color, specify owner and set a deadline. For advanced options, click "Advanced" button
Project fields and properties
Use project fields to manage your projects in GoodDay. Depending on the project type, some fields may or may not be available
Project types
Similarly to task types, you can create and customize project types. You can use project types both as a preset of project-specific settings i.e. workflow, views, type of tasks,
Managing projects and folders
Folder/Project management options are available in "More" section of the project menu
Users & permissions
Organization users can only see and access the projects they have been added to. You can add a new user and manage existing users in
Project settings
To access Project Settings, navigate to the project, click "More", and select "Settings/Profile" from the menu
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