Todo list templates

To do list templates allow adding pre-created todo lists to your tasks in one click. It is a simple yet powerful feature, that can simplify the repetitive tasks' management and save you a lot of time.

Creating todo list templates

There are 2 ways you can create todo list templates: saving an existing todo list as a template and creating it from scratch.

To convert the existing todo list, open a task with a todo list, mouse-over the todo list name and select Save as template option from the More menu:

To create a todo list template from scratch, go to Company → Settings → Customization → Todo Lists and click the New Todo List button.

Managing todo list templates

  • Drag and drop to re-arrange the order of todo lists
  • Click Edit to edit todo list
  • Click Delete to delete the todo list template
  • Click New Todo List to create a new todo list template

Editing todo list

  • Edit template name to rename
  • Use drag and drop to re-order
  • Click an item to edit
  • Click delete to remove from the list
  • Click New todo to add an item