Task types
One of the great things about working with tasks in GoodDay is the ability to create custom task types and further configure them. Task types might be very different and the required properties may vary depending on your work type and the needs of various departments, for example. Generic task, Bug / Issue, Content, Sales call, Support ticket, etc.
Project Types and Templates
Similarly to task types, you can create your own project types. There many cases when project types can help you organize work better. The most common are.
Custom fields
Custom fields allow you to customize your work items extending their list of available fields with the ones your need to closely match your business processes. The use of custom fields helps managing work of different departments under one platform and can significantly increases productivity.
Statuses and workflows
In GoodDay, every task and project has a status that represents the current work state and/or progress. You have full control over statuses you can create new (custom) statuses, delete the ones that don't fit you business process and modify color and labels.
You can customize priorities and their labels for your organization. For example, instead of the default available priorities, Low - Normal - High, you can have a more granular list, e.g. Lowest - Low - Normal - High - ASAP. You can set up to 10 custom priorities plus 2 special priorities Blocker & Emergency (you can customize their labels as well).
Todo list templates
To do list templates allow adding pre-created todo lists to your tasks in one click. It is simple yet powerful feature, that can simplify the repeated tasks management and save you a lot of time.
Note templates
Notes Templates List. To see all Notes Templates, navigate to the company settings. Then, click the Notes Templates icon.
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