GoodDay comes with a number of great views and extended functionality to manage all types of Project (milestones, deadlines), personal (HR, meetings), and organization-wide events
Project events
Project events are the events that are linked to a particular project or work folder. In GoodDay you can create three types of project events- deadline
Organization events
Organization events are those meetings, action and etc. that concern the whole organization. They are shown to every user in your organization accept guests.
Personal events
Personal events includes sick leaves, vacations and travels. It’s important to schedule them in calendar so that other team members may plan their activity according to those days.
Creating an event
There are several ways to create events in GoodDay. From the main navigation menu. From project tree. From event views (Calendar, List, etc.) Creating an Event from the Main Menu. To create a new event
Managing events
To open an event, simply click it anywhere you see it in GoodDay i.e. from My Work, Calendar, Events List, Summary, etc. The Event details window will pop up. To edit events, you must be a project manager
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