GoodDay comes with a number of great views and extended functionality to manage all types of Project (milestones, deadlines), personal (HR, meetings), and organization-wide events.

Organization Events

Organization-level events are the events that are relevant and important for the entire organization and may include such common events as holidays, corporate milestones etc. For example, you can create a Company Party event or an upcoming All-Hands Meeting and everyone in the organization will see this event in their calendars. Learn more.

Project Events

Project events include milestones, project-related events, and deadlines. All project members will see these events in their calendars. Learn more.

Personal/HR events

Personal events include vacations, sick leaves, and travel. All personal events can be found on the User's individual Calendar. It is very important for all team members to schedule personal events in the calendar for HR-purposes and for better teamwork planning. Learn more.