The GoodDay interface consists of 3 main areas: the navigation panel , the current section menu and the work area .

Main sections

The navigation panel splits all the work items into sections and every navigation sections has it's own menu. The main navigation sections are:

Section Description
Most frequently used modules such as My Work, Notifications, My Time etc. together with user's pinned projects, views and tasks.
The Projects section displays all the folders/projects you are involved in.
Quick access to custom views
Direct, Group, and Project chats
Quick access to company users' pages
Other company-related modules' items including Analytics, Reports, Settings, Administration, etc.

Other navigation items

Section Description
Go to
Quick navigation to projects, users, views or a task by task ID.
Search The Projects sections displays all the folders/projects you are involved in.
Quick Add
Create new work items (tasks, projects, events, etc.)
Help center
GoodDay Help & Support
My Account
Access to account managegement, personal profile, settings, etc.