November '18

November '18

Updated MyWork

We’ve changed the interface of My Work, aligning it with the recently refreshed look of the project views. Now you can personalize the color of ‘My work’ and choose the widgets that you want to be displayed (Calendar, Notes, and Recent).

Task List / Task Table columns & presets

Now you can create your own columns presets in GoodDay! Save the columns you typically use in Table and List views and create your own presets that will be automatically applied when viewing task lists and tables. For example, choose to display Time and Progress columns and create a Time Reporting preset to focus your views on showing how much time is spent on tasks. You can also create and save a custom columns view for each individual project.

New custom fields

We added the new custom field types that you can now add to any project and tasks, so that you could better manage your important data. Now your tasks can include fields of a dedicated format to save email addresses, links, GoodDay users, and ratings.