November '16

November '16

Rich Text Formatting

We added an easy-to-use WYSIWYG text editor to give you the formatting tools, including the font styles, headings, lists, code snippets and more. The rich text editor can be toggled on and off by clicking T+ and is enabled for most text fields within the application.

Move to

For an easy way to keep projects organized, we added an option to move a task into any project, group, or task. Simply click Actions/Move to and choose the project from the list on the left to view its structure and choose the move destination.

Main menu reorganized

We reorganized and simplified the main menu by grouping related items together. Each expanding section (projects, summary, tasks, events, people) is now color-coded to visually emphasize the items within it. The “+” button has become larger for easier access to new task, user, organization, or event creation window, and the search bar is now always visible.

Cleaner interface

To create more space for your main work area, we removed the top panel from the screens where it did not add value to the user experience. This meant a complete redesign of such screens as My Work, Events, Tasks, Boards, People, Reports and Analytics. We kept the top panel with the functional controls within the sections that require an additional easy-to-access navigation level.