April '18

April '18

New My Work

We released the updated My Work with enhanced UI. The updated My Work screen now allows you to switch between “Action Required”, “Assigned to me” and “All involved in” views, with additional options for displaying your work items in list and board layouts.

Enhanced Project Navigation

We’ve improved project navigation by adding a panel that simplifies views and management access. Now, in the tab “More” you can find settings, edit your profile, update statuses and much more.

Past Due View

With our new past due view you will not miss any tasks that should be taken care of to meet set timelines. Check all projects, events and tasks that are past due in one place. Review start and end dates, deadlines and task owners. Be in the loop and on track with all your projects!

Multiple Email Addresses Support

Now you can add additional email addresses to your GoodDay account and choose the primary one. Adjust your notifications and get all updates to your valid email.