Multi-organization support
GoodDay architecture allows you to be a part of multiple organizations under the same account. You can be be an Administrator for one organization and a Guest user in another
Creating an organization
To create a new organization, click "More" in the main menu and then click "New" menu item form the Organizations section
Organization settings
To access Organization Settings, select an organization from the main menu and switch to "Settings" in the Organization menu
GoodDay allows you to create and manage departments to set up your organizational structure the way it's set up in real life. If you have more than one department within your organization
Account license and upgrade
To review your current organization's GoodDay license, go to Organization → Settings → Subscription page. How to Upgrade. Click on any feature marked as PRO in GoodDay. You will see a new
To access your organization's administration page, go to Organization Settings and click "Administration" button. Account Administrator. Every organization has an Administrator user who manages
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