The most successful GoodDay implementations include Big Screens in all teams' common areas to keep everyone informed and motivated. Big Screens create transparency and present the most
Managing devices
To manage Big Screen devices (usually large TVs), go to Organizations → choose your organization → Big Screens. Click a device to manage its Screens.Mouse over and click "Edit" to
Managing screens
To manage the list of screens that will be displayed on the Big Screen, go to Organizations → choose your organization → Big Screens and click the device you want to edit screens for. Click "New Screen" to
Types of screens
GoodDay has over 30 types of screens that can be added to your Big Screen devices. The set of available screens depends on your account license. Please contact your account manager for more
Launching a Big Screen
To launch a Big Screen on a new device (a large TV / monitor in your office), open the browser and go to http://big.goodday.work Enable full-screen mode in the browser. Once launched, you will be asked
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