With GoodDay, you don’t have to spend time on status update meetings or distract your team members to confirm whether any progress has been made lately on a a particular task. In addition to other ways of keeping up to date on everything that is going on in your organization, What’s New section is a dedicated module that allows you to zero in on updates that are important or to review all activity at once.

Viewing Notifications

All notifications are grouped by Task, with all messages and updates displayed and sorted by event date with the most recent item at the top. You can open a task mentioned in the notification by clicking on its name. To mark a notification as read (and remove it from updates screen), click "Clear" button on the right from the task's name.

Important / All Notifications

On the top of What's new screen you can see the Important/All notifications switch that allows you to select and view the important notifications only. By default, Important notifications will include all notifications related to "Starred" items.

The selector on the top of your screen allows switching between All Notifications view and Important view. Important will include updates related to work items that you have previously marked as important (or, ‘Starred’). Notification Type, Project, and User filters are available here as well.

Filtering by Event Type

You can filter notifications by notification type. For example, if you only want to see the newly created or the completed tasks, uncheck all but "New task" and "Task closed" filters in the notification type section.

Filtering by Project / User

When you first navigate to your What’s New section, by default, you will see a stream of All Notifications, but the menu on the right will help you focus on specific updates (e.g. New Tasks, Tasks Closed etc.), filter notifications by Project or by User. The number next to each project or workfolder in the menu on the right indicates how many updates are available for review.

Deleting Notifications

To delete notifications related to a single task, click "Clear" button on the right from the task's name.

To delete all notifications from the current view, click "Clear" button above the notifications list .

To delete absolutely all notifications (even those you don't currently see because of the applied filters), click "Clear all" button on the right.