API 2.0


Creating a webhook

To create a webhook go to Organization / Settings / API screen and click Manage Webhooks button and click New Webhook. Then select type of events you want to sign up for, endpoint URL and secret (optional).

Event types

GoodDay supports following evet types:

Name Description
task.createFired when user creates a new task
task.status Fired when user updates task status
task.close Fired when task status is changed to closed or canceled
task.reopen Fired when a closed task reopens
task.deleted Fired when a user deletes a task
project.create Fired when a new folder/project is created
project.delete Fired when user deletes fodler/project
project.status Fired when user updates project status
timelog.create Fired when user reports time
timelog.delete Fired when time report is deleted
timelog.update Fired when user updates time report