My Account section provides access to management and settings related to your GoodDay account. To access My Account, click your user name in the bottom of the main menu
My Account / Profile section allows you to edit your GoodDay account profile. Name - your name as it will be displayed in GoodDay. Phone - contact phone number. Contacts - additional contact information
My Account Date/Time settings allow you to manage calendar and time related settings. Timezone - select your account's timezone. Date format - default date format Long date format - default long date
You can have multiple email addresses associated with your GoodDay account. It's convenient when you want to make sure that, when invited to multiple organizations, you are be able to work under one
To change your account password, enter your old password, enter your new password into the New password field and the Confirmation field, and press Submit to save.
This section allows you to manage 3rd party integrations related to your account (not to your organization). Linked accounts List of single sign-on providers connected to your account (e.g. Google
Menu settings
For ease of access and convenience, you can fully customize the items displayed in GoodDay main menu. Also, if you have a smaller screen you can minimize the menu to leave more space for
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