Import from CSV

GoodDay supports tasks and all task-related info import from other applications. To ensure correct importing, all this data must be formatted and structured according to our import template.

To import tasks from a CSV file, go to Company → Import/Export → Import from CSV.

To download a template file for CSV import you can export existing project's data or download the template file from which you can use as a reference template to format the data you want to import.

Click the "Browse" button to select a file from your computer or simply drag and drop it into the form and click "Submit".

You will see a list of columns you need to populate in order to import tasks into any of your current projects:

  • Project name - an existing project in your organization where you wish to import tasks.
  • Created by - a user who created the task.
  • Assigned to - a user who is responsible for task execution.
  • Task type - the type of task you will set this task to - such as task, idea, bug, etc.
  • Title - the name of the task.
  • Message - a short description for the task.
  • Schedule - the date when the task is scheduled for.
  • Priority - priority of this task according to the priorities list for your organization.
  • Start and End Dates - the beginning and the end dates of the task.
  • Estimate - estimated time in hours it will take to complete the task.
  • Deadline - the final date on which the task must be done.
  • Status - current status of the task based on statuses set in your organization.

Once uploaded, GoodDay will preview the data that's being imported. The system will try mapping projects and users and if a value is not found, the item will be highlighted in red. If this happens, check (or copy-paste) the values and reupload the file.

Fields Project name, Assigned to, Task type, and Title are required, and all other fields can have empty values.

Once you have no mapping errors, click the "Import" button to import and all tasks from your CSV file.