This screen shows you a short summary of work data in GoodDay. All information here is displayed in tile layout. All data is structured via three tile types
Pins enable quick access to work items right from the main navigation menu. Pinning an Item. On any page where you see a pin icon, you can click it to add the current page to your pinned items list
Starred items
You can use stars to mark tasks or folders as important in your GoodDay and access them again later. How to Star a Task or a Project. Open any task or any project. Find a star icon and click on it
You can use Search box to find any task, project, workfolder, or user in GoodDay. How to Access. Proceed to the search box in the left main menu type any task name, task id, project, subproject, folder
Import from CSV
GoodDay supports tasks and all task-related info import from other applications. However, all this data must be formatted and structured according to our import template
Export to CSV
GoodDay allows you to export your work data into CSV format. How to Access. Export Settings. Data which can be exported in CSV format. Tasks - task-related data that can be exported includes task
Text Editor
GoodDay rich text editor comes with many features and text styling options which helps creating nice looking content for tasks, notes, messages, etc. with ease. It aims for a mouse-free, keyboard-centric experience and comes with many common keyboard shortcuts as well as Markdown inspired ones.
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