The Dashboard screen shows you a short summary of work data in GoodDay. All information here is displayed in tile layout, and data is structured using 3 tile types:

  • Project - shows project data such as progress, opened tasks, users involved in, and their progress on tasks.
  • User - shows Action Required tasks for a given user, his or her someday tasks, planned tasks, and self-organization chart.
  • My summary - shows your self-organization chart, Action Required tasks, and someday tasks.

How to Access

Press on the Dashboard to access this screen.

Dashboard Tiles


  1. Project icon and name.
  2. The number of the project's open/someday tasks.
  3. Project progress.
  4. Total vs. Closed tasks graph.
  5. Distribution of tasks between project users.


  1. User's name and avatar.
  2. Action Required/someday tasks.
  3. User's self-organization.
  4. User's work schedule.

My Summary

  1. Action Required and someday tasks.
  2. Daily badges.

  3. There 2 two types of Daily badges: happy and sad.

    The badge is generated based on the values set in the Daily badge settings section. If the number of tasks or events a user did not manage on a particular day exceeds the values set in the Daily badge user setting, the user will receive a sad badge for that day. If there are no past due events or tasks that have reached their assigned task deadline /assigned task end date limits - the user will receive a happy daily badge.

  4. Self-organization chart.
  5. Let's review an example to understand how this chart works. If a user has 10 tasks for any workday and he managed only 2 of them (any changes are made to this task, status is updated, scheduled date is changed, etc.), this chart will display a 20% self-organization mark, because only 2 out of 10 tasks have been managed that day. In short, the percentages on the chart show how many tasks from the total number of tasks a user had actually managed.

Managing the Dashboard

There are 3 actions you can perform with tiles:

  • Adding a tile
  • Rearranging tiles
  • Deleting a tile

Adding a Tile

Click + Add Dashboard Tile at the end of all tiles on the Dashboard screen.

  1. Tile type - select a tile type.
  2. Organization - for User and My summary tiles.
  3. Graph - for User and My summary tiles.
  4. Project - select a project - for project tiles only.

Rearranging Tiles

To move a tile, mouse-over a tile and drag and drop it to the desired location using the "Move" icon.

Delete a Tile

Hover your mouse over the x mark to delete the tile.