My Work is one of the most important screens in GoodDay. It gives a clear picture of all relevant work items and allows scheduling, planning, creating and prioritizing items with a few clicks
Action required
Action Required view displays all work items that require you - and you specifically at the moment - to act on it in order to move the work forward. You can switch between 3 grouping options here - Schedule
Assigned to me
Assigned to Me view displays all tasks that are assigned to you. This is a great view to see a full list of work items you are responsible for. Here you can see task name, folder/project, current Action Required user
All involved in
All Involved In view displays all tasks and events you are involved in within your organization. This is a great view to see all work items that are relevant to you.
View for
My Work section allows accessing and displaying other users' My Work as if you were logged in to their account. Click View For button 1 and then select a user 2 you want to switch to.
On the right hand side on My Work dashboard, there are additional widgets that you may find very handy. To access Notes, switch to our Notes widget and simply write something. All data in your notes will be saved automatically
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