Working with a Task

Updating Task Status

To update task status, click the current status field and select a new one. When you select a status with system status "Closed" or "Cancelled", the task will be automatically archived.

To quickly close a task, click the checkbox on the left from the status menu:

Replying to a Task

To reply to a task, click the reply text box located below the list of all task messages:

When reply section is open, select a new Action Required user . If you want to comment keeping the original Action Required user, make sure they are selected.

Enter reply messages , attach a file if needed. You can also set the new task status and enter time you spent while working on this task

Task Properties

The main properties of the task, i.e. deadline, priority, estimate, etc., are displayed on the right . If you need to add a property that is not set yet, click the relevant button:

Editing Task Message

If you need to edit a previously posted message or manage the attached files, mouse over the message and click "Edit" button that appears on the right: