Task View Settings

How to Access

To access task view settings, click "Settings" icon in the header section of the view:

Modal view is the default view, optimized for most displays:

Full Screen

Select Full view when you are working on a smaller screen or want to see more comments at once.

Split View

Split view is the best when you are working on a full-HD monitor. It allows you to see both the main application screen, i.e. My Work, Tasks List, Table or Board, alongside the Task View on one screen:


You can select one of the 4 available presets for task messages:

Preset Description
Messages only User comments, replies, and Action Required user changes.
Default All user messages and main system messages including status, priority, and Action Required updates.
Detailed All user and system messages except for the task view and scheduling messages.
Full All task messages, including users' task view history.