ToDo List

Task ToDo List is a great way to keep track of smaller work items that you do not need to create as separate and detailed tasks or subtasks.

To create a new ToDo List, open a task and select ToDo list from the "Add" submenu.

New ToDo Item

To create a ToDo item, simply enter its name into the input field at the bottom of the list and press "Enter".

Key Functions

To rearrange the list, drag and drop an item to the desired spot in the list . To mark an item as completed, simply click the checkbox next to it . Click delete to remove an item from the list.

Converting a ToDo Item into a Subtask

If one of the ToDo items is getting larger in scope or you want to assign it to a user, click "Select user" and select one of the project members. This item will be automatically converted into a subtask and will appear in the subtasks section .

Hide/Display Completed Items

You can hide or show completed items by clicking "Show/Hide Completed" button.