Resource Planning

Resource planning view allows you to estimate, assign, and manage every user's workload.

When you first open this view, you will see a list of all project users with their daily workload displayed on the timeline:

Managing Workload

By clicking on a user's name, you will be able to display a list of tasks assigned to this user.

  • To adjust the task planned start/finish dates, edit task start and end dates right in this view.
  • Enter task time estimate value to set the time that you expect to be required to complete the task.
  • The allocated column shows the number of hours already allocated on the timeline.
  • Use "Allocate" button to auto-allocate the time for the task, taking into consideration the user's current work schedule, workday duration, and other tasks already planned and estimated.
  • To set workload and schedule, manually enter the number of hours into each cell for each day in the timeline.